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capoeira: update →  May 16, 2010

hello good exposure viewers , today ima give you an update on what happening in my film, so far i went to go get interviews and two guys playing a roda (which is two people expressing their feelings in what they been practicing)…..now i can finish editing my film. i got an interview from the [...]

Arclight Hollywood: Exit Through the Gift Shop by Banksy →  May 12, 2010

On Monday, May 10th, Good Exposure students took a trip to the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood to watch Banksy’s directorial debut, Exit Through the Gift Shop.  Exit is a documentary film created largely with video footage recorded by a french shopkeeper named Theirry Guetta whose personal obsession with recording everything in his life led him [...]

love  can be different →  May 9, 2010

my film is about how different married couples met. and this film i want to that people who see my film understand that everyone have different way to conquer and fall in love. i find interesting how people fall in love for example how they met. each person has their own history in i want [...]

My First Flight →  May 9, 2010

My first flight was amazing. My whole family was with me that day, all of them wanted to go with me in the airplane… but  I couldn’t take everyone with me… My dad made me choose who I wanted to go with me… I wanted Perla, Susan, and Abner to come with me, but I had to choose one… The decision was [...]

VIRGIL TIME!!! →  May 9, 2010

This week I spend it with my instructor Kelly Parker. We went to shot get some shoots in Virgil Middle School and a pizza place Two Boots. While in Kelly was filming me I would have deja vu moments of my past with my best friend. I wanted to cry and burst into tears, but [...]

capoeira: update →  May 9, 2010

hello everybody, today i was editing some of my footage from my short documentary and i could say im a long way from finishing my short film but i like where im going with it……all i need is some footage of the culture and some interviews and i had a film until next time……. good [...]

Update on Video Project- Aaron →  May 9, 2010

My group will finally start filming this Tuesday, with the group now including Me, Kevin, Kelly and Franchescha. We will start interviewing the seniors that will be affected by the budget cuts on medicare and medicaid. These are some example questions for interview. Please comment if you have any other questions i should ask. Thank [...]


So far everything is going good and we have already set up day and time that we are going to go over there and film some of the seniors that are there. Aaron,Kelly,Francesca and I are all going together and they are going to help us to film. Hopefully everything goes as planned. We are [...]

I Skate therefore I am (my second project) →  May 9, 2010

I have started my second project which is intitled I skate therefore I am. The film is going to follow a couple of young skaters in the Echo Park Los angeles area. The film is a partnership between Brian and I, Because i have have experience having done first film. Brian needed a first film [...]

First day of filming →  May 9, 2010

Yesterday may 8 i started my film which focuses on day laborers and the posotive impact they have. as i interviewed this individuals it was a great experience they shared so many story’s on and off the camera.just the experiace of getting to film this interviews it expaneded ore my view of the “american dream” [...]