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(01.25.10) PERSONA by Ingmar Bergman (Pre Credit Montage Only)
(01.25.10) ME BRONI BA by Akosua Adoma Owusu (2009)
(01.25.10) FAKE FRUIT by Chic Strand (1989)
(01.11.10) RUHR by James Benning (at the Redcat)
(01.09.10) KWEISI by David Sauvage
(01.09.10) ME AND RUBYFRUIT by Sadie Benning
(12.14.09) 2501 MIGRANTS: A JOURNEY by Yolanda Cruz (at the Redcat)
(11.21.09) KIDS directed by Larry Clark
(11.14.09) CROWDOG directed by Vannessa Renwick
(11.14.09) JUDAH 5:30 directed by Sam Green
(11.14.09) PATRIARCHY IS MALARCHY by EVC student producers
(10.10.09) QUINCEANERA by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland (edited by Clay Zimmerman)
(10.10.09) NOW by Santiago Alvarez
(10.05.09) BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE directed by Michael Moore

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