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love  can be different →  May 9, 2010

my film is about how different married couples met. and this film i want to that people who see my film understand that everyone have different way to conquer and fall in love. i find interesting how people fall in love for example how they met. each person has their own history in i want [...]

VIRGIL TIME!!! →  May 9, 2010

This week I spend it with my instructor Kelly Parker. We went to shot get some shoots in Virgil Middle School and a pizza place Two Boots. While in Kelly was filming me I would have deja vu moments of my past with my best friend. I wanted to cry and burst into tears, but [...]

London exports first rough cut →  May 3, 2010

Go London!

GET SUE →  May 2, 2010

It was on friday that I deciede to do a bit of film in my elementary school by the playground. This is because i would put some shoots in my film. While I was filming there were some students that was helpful and told me where it would better to film in the playground. Mean [...]