The Sound’s Point Of View

August 17th, 2011 @


The Sound’s Point Of View

This is the first time that i’ve done sound for a music video. I have had some experience with live sound and studio recording for several artists, but this was the first. I learned more about double and single systems and the set up of sound and playback. I worked with a lot of people who were in the same direction that i was headed so it was a lot easier to communicate. We all had the sane goals of doing what we loved and possibly making it into a career. I can get into the industry of video production as well as my audio production major, especially with the networking and the people that i met on set.

The experience on set was a different from the music studio, so it kind of took me a while to adapt to the video environment. The people I worked with are such amazing people. That helped to provide me the adaptation. From joking and laughing at one thing then setting lights and shade up to begin recording. So it’s a win:win. I had a great experience learning something new. This was the first time i was on set of a music video and so far i have provided the sound and playback for supra to sing along to.

This music video is for my music partner “Supra” for the song “Over The Hill” which i happily mixed and engineered at a music studio.