My first days on set:Suprah Music Video

August 17th, 2011 @


photo by Hector

My first day on set was really exciting, it was difficult to find my place on set because in the meetings before hand we made sure that we everyone knew what to do when the got on set.I think on of my favorite parts about being on set was meeting new people who were working toward the same goal.I think on the hardest parts about being on set was on the first day I did not realizes how long the crew was going to be working.Call time was at 6:00 Am getting up was pretty hard at first because I didn’t really get a lot of sleep that night.So when we arrived on set I was already exhausted. As soon as I got on set I was put right to work which I was totally happy about but I did it with pretty much complaint.Since my job pretty much was just comprised of up loading footage i had a lot of time on my hands so when i wasn’t helping other people it was fun to watch everyone else do there job.Before the shoot I kinda understood why it took so long to make a movie but i wasn’t until after the shoot that I really understood what goes into making a movie on an actual set.The second day on set was a lot easier than the first for few reasons the first being that I got a lot of sleep so I was fully charged for the day. The second reason why the day went a lot smoother was since everyone knew what to do on the first day then everything went even faster because everyone(including me)knew what was expected of them.Overall,the whole shoot was a learning experience because now when we film the final screen of the shoot I will be ready.