1st AD on set

August 17th, 2011 @


Being on set for music video “over the hill” was a great experience both educational and skill gaining i i was 1st AD i had to send out call sheets which was a lot of work but a great learning experience but been on set was craziness but in a good way everyone was on top of they’re jobs i had 2 make sure we were on schedule and that everyone else was doing what they were suppose to be doing so that both co-directors can focus on they’re jobs. Day 1 was more stressful because we had 2 different locations and we had to be out of the first location by 2:30 and be at location at 3:00 but of course that didn’t happen we kept falling back in scheduleĀ  but also we kept coming back on schedule and that was great by the end of the shoot on location 1 we were only 10 min, behind schedule in the second location we were going great on schedule but we will get off by like 5 or 10 min. Day to was a little more complex becauseĀ  it was a bigger location so everyone was all over the place. but after both days of filming i learned how everyone can come together to put they’re talents or skills to contribute to something great like a music video which is for one of our own neighbors in the community and it was great seen both good- exposure and above the natural come together and put our skills to work. Now i cant wait to finish and see the final product and start our Fiction film.